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Your professional online presence for a monthly fee and no upfront costs.

Built by experienced designers / Definitely NOT a Do-It-Yourself solution

Hello. We rent one-page websites for small businesses.
Your professional online presence for a monthly fee and no upfront costs.
As low as $60 per month on annual plan.

The Perks

No development fees

At SiteToaster there are no upfront costs to have your site built. Just a monthly or annual fee.

The latest trends

Our team is always up-to-date with the rapidly advancing internet technologies, solutions and web design tendencies.

Professional designers

This isn’t a Do-It-Yourself product. Our team will make use of decades of experience to build your site.

Mobile friendly

Your site will look great on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our designs are flexible and adjust to screens.

10 sections

We’ll organize your content into clean sections so your visitors can learn about your business quickly.

Lots of features

Team members, Testimonials, FAQs, Icons, Photo Gallery, Portfolio, Pricing Tables, Popups and more…

Online contact form

A well designed contact form is essential to increase conversions and spark new business.

Mailing list integration

A sign-up form on your site can help you grow your email list. It works with Mailchimp, Aweber and Feedburner.

Social media buttons

Your visitors will be able to easily share your page and follow your business profiles on social media.

Search engine optimization

You can choose a keyword you’d like your site to rank for on search engines and we’ll code the SEO tags for you.

Traffic stats

We can install Google Analytics on your site, a free tool to measure your website data and gain customer insights.

Free stock photo

We’ll pick out one beautiful photo for your site from a professional library and the license is included in your plan.

From Multi to One-Page

We can migrate your current multi-page site content into a brand new one-page website at no additional cost.

Trimestral content updates

We’ll update your site content every three months. It’s included in your plan. More info on our FAQ section below.

Fast and secure

We host and take care of your site, making sure it’s always online, backed up and protected against hackers.

Affordable plans

Choose between a monthly plan with no contracts, or a discounted yearly agreement. Apply your coupon at checkout for a discount.

15-day money back guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like your website, no hard feelings. We’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Refreshed website look every 3 years

Your site can get a refreshed style with new effects and design trends every 3 years free of charge.

Why a one-page website

“In a world where nearly 60% of global search queries come from mobile devices, a one-page website provides a more convenient, intuitive, and effective experience. Today, simplicity is innovation. And a one-page website is not just a website, it is a smart site.” 

Izabela Ciesinska, One Page Stories Copywriter


It tells a story

Why do we have websites? To communicate with our current and future community. That community comes in the form of prospects, customers, enthusiasts and partners. Stories quite simply provide the best vehicle for delivering messages that are not only heard and understood, but that also inspire, motivate and elicit action.


It’s clear and easy to use

The ultra simplified design provides a distraction-free experience for your visitors, and the story you are trying to tell takes center stage. The main focus is the introduction to a well crafted story, where the only way to progress onward is to do the most natural and intuitive thing on the web: to scroll.

It yields better results

A great story combined with straightforward linear design propels site visitors along a single path towards a final goal: to generate new leads, to grow an online community, to promote a person or product, to drive more downloads, to sell more goods and services, etc.

It decreases bounce rates and encourages sharing

This is because there’s very little to do or become confused about.

If the site’s story and flow are effective, the bounce rates are going to reflect that reality by enticing visitors to hang out longer.

Sharing a compelling story and a good experience… Well, those are things we do every day and they excite both us and those we’re sharing them with.

It’s Affordable

Traditionally, it’s been quite an expensive endeavor for both businesses and individuals to create beautiful, custom websites. Not just thousands of dollars, but tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, with a one page website that’s no longer the case.

With one page design we might actually see, for the first time, the democratization of beautiful and effective web design. Making it possible for anyone who wants one to have a website that feels right, looks great and gets results.


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Monthly Plan

Month to month agreement
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  • Get your discount at checkout.
  • SSL Certificate
Rent your site

Yearly Plan

One year agreement
  • $240 OFF every year
  • With a one time annual payment.
  • SSL Certificate
Rent your site

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch and does my business qualify?
There’s no catch. Instead of paying a one-time expensive fee, you’ll rent your site and pay an affordable monthly or yearly fee. But not all businesses qualify. Unfortunately we can’t accept sign ups for temporary websites, like a site or landing page for an event or any other short term ideas.
How does it work?
You fill out a quick form with information about your business, sending us texts, your logo, photos and examples of pages you like, and pay for your first month or year. We’ll build your site in a week. The more clear your instructions and the more organized your material, the faster the delivery. (1) If you like the site, you keep it. If not, we’ll refund the full amount to your credit card. A 15-day money back guarantee! (2) If you like the site but need some minor changes done, we’ll be glad to work on the adjustments at no extra cost. We won’t rebuild your site from scratch though.
What will the development include?
  • One-page website design
  • Up to 10 visual sections/blocks
  • Up to 10 icons
  • Up to 10 testimonials
  • Up to 10 team members
  • One form with up to 10 fields
  • FAQ section with up to 10 questions
  • Photo gallery section with up to 12 pictures
  • Up to 5 pop-ups
  • 1 Professional stock image license (photo or background)
  • Links to your social media profiles
  • Social media share buttons
  • Contact and support done by email only
What will the development not include?
  • Copywriting services
  • Photography services
  • E-commerce solution
  • Online payment solution
  • Phone or text message contact or support
What will the hosting account include?
  • 5,000 Monthly Visits
  • 1GB Disk
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Fast Speeds
  • Security Checks
  • System Updates
  • Nightly Backups

These numbers are all soft limits. Because our clients share the same server, all sites would have to go over their quotas for you to incur in any overage charges.

Will I own the rights to my website?
No you won’t. You’ll just be renting something we built for you. You can’t transfer it to another hosting company or use it in any other way than how we propose here on this website.
What if I need to have my content updated?

Our plans include trimestral content changes to your site. Ex: Phone and address changes, add or remove a product or service, icons or images, edit some text, add or remove social media icons. No design or style changes will be made. Unused content update services from the annual allowance do not carry over to the following year.

Can I use my own domain name?
You certainly can. But we don’t offer registration services. You’ll have to register your domain yourself and then point it to our servers. If you need help redirecting your domain to our servers we can definitely help you with that. You can register your domain name at Namecheap or any other company of your preference.
Can I have emails with my domain name?

We currently don’t offer email services. You can check with your domain registar if they offer email plans. Namecheap offers them here.

If you love Gmail – like we do – and want to have a branded email forwarding messages to your Gmail account, and also be able to send messages from your branded email through your Gmail account, we can set everything up for you via a free service that includes 10,000 messages per month.

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